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It's a William S. Burroughs David Lynch Type of Night

Typing into the night...

Facebook asks MAViiiN for her phone number. As it is the 25th request, she realizes the designers of the system have no game. Not the best way to seduce someone for their digits. She types "FUCK YOU" into the request box. The system responds: Please enter a valid phone number. Yes. Of course. FUCK YOU doesn't qualify as a valid number based character set.

Facebook Phone

Another page loads prompting her to re-enter her phone number. This time she types FUCK-YOU-FACEBOOK into the digit box, converting her sentiment into numbers regardless of its adherence to the standard XXX-XXX-XXXX format phone numbers take in the USA. In another tab, on her profile page, she begins detailing the aggressive way facebook is macking her for them digits. Her mouse abruptly stops functioning. Facebook locks, as if declaring war. Her application windows shut. Her computer displays a system error. WTF?? Her computer restarts and begins updating itself without her permission. She pulls the plug on her router, lest something malicious is being uploaded to her computer. The update lags and her computer starts up.

The supervisor voice in her head reminds her, "You aren't supposed to tamper with the systems, especially with such zeal."

Facebook Phone

Fine she'll write about things the old way, on her own piece of internet real estate and lure others who have replaced the internet with facebook with snippets of posts, written in the first person as though they were her own status updates. But this time they'll have to click through to her turf for more. She must stop the machine from gorging on the thoughts of civilians, every day further coerced into revealing their thoughts for a thrilling diddle of the like button.

In the meantime she realizes her desktop icons are missing. No matter. Her data is still in order. Time to upload another face with the wrong facial recognition tag...

is the mind of MAViiiN. As a creative marketing consultant, she designs brands, plans events, manages the persona of private clients, tutors teens in online reputation management, and more. In her spare time she writes about electronic music and the arts.
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