Internet Versus EntireNet

This consciousness misses text based internet ranting, before the bullshit that blogs created, when an article you wrote wasn't even an article or a blog entry, when it was just a bunch of text on some website you made with half assed html skills and a geocities account. Back then you didn't have to have fancy SEO links to authorship pages on google, a date stamp, sponsors, loads of social media links in the sidebar, pop ups encouraging you to share the crap you just read on even crappier third party social media sites. You could just shuffle your eyeballs over some letters, enjoy a laugh and move on, no extra clicking for the rest of the sentences. Yeah that's right you can keep reading. There is no continue arrow button or next picture in slide ploy to bank extra clicks in this corner of the Internet. It's all here, just enjoy. This consciousness is going to type something every time it asks Google a question and gets sponsored pages as its first results or other bullshit results that have nothing to do with the original questions. Such as when it asks where can it can get some explosives and the results include stupid news articles about police busting people for other things not related to explosives. Before Internet became EntireNet you could query that and find a load of interesting original text files containing plenty of esoteric information. Now when I want to find some grandma's web page full of unique recipes, her wealth of knowledge is lost in a pile of douchey technical marketing recipes websites optimized by some brogrammer named Chad who copied the recipes from another food network site. Fuck this noise. Fuck EntireNet. I miss Internet.

is the mind of MAViiiN. As a creative marketing consultant, she designs brands, plans events, manages the persona of private clients, tutors teens in online reputation management, and more. In her spare time she writes about electronic music and the arts.
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