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Applying to College for Dummies 21st Century Edition

Chapter 6: Self Status Reports
Self status reports are useful summaries that are required by various institutions to verify your credentials. Before 2015 employers, colleges and other establishments verified a person's identity via a background check or a set of personal references. With the advent of social media platforms, smart phones and pocket sized affordable cameras it became much more efficient to have the public maintain their own records for themselves and others. When you turn 18, the government requires you to submit monthly status reports containing a quick pic of your face, a sound clip of your voice and a location update. As most citizens volunteered this information of their own accord for recreational purposes the consolidation of their personal profiles to a government record was a seamless process which reduced a significant amount of paperwork for everyone. Its good to familiarize yourself with the self status report before you turn 18 for the upper hand in applying to college.

Submitting a self status report
Log in to the IRS website via your smartphone with your social security number. The system will greet you and lead you through a few simple steps.

  1. Facial Recognition: The application will access your smart phone's camera to take a quick photo to update the facial recognition archive.
  2. Voice Analysis: The application will access your smart phone's microphone and prompt you to state your name and current address.
  3. Location Log: The application will access your smart phone's gps system to verify your location.

You're Done!

Self status reports are an easy and fun way to update your government record which doesn't vary that much from the recreational value of a selfie. Imagine the old days of having to go to a government office to have your photo taken and filling out paperwork? Technology has made these necessary processes so much more efficient.

Chapter 7: Submitting a Status Report for A Friend


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