Changing Channels

I'm getting drunk in the afternoons because I want to numb my body and clear out the petty voices in my head. Too many consciousnesses evaporating my native mind, controlling the words I write on the page. The host body can summon them.

What pray tell are the demons that ye speak of child?
As if I were compassionate towards you...
Stupid girl. I wonder why modern authors cease with the flowery prose of yesteryear. It's fun to read and speak different voices, learns the tongues of other minds...

Leave me alone. I am not well. My eyes are peeling, the corneas flaking to the ground, the ice blue sheen showing underneath. My voice comes out in whispers to disturb the non sentient minds.

What about the persona you've built?

Who can tell the difference? It's all poetic license frankly. I create content for marketing purposes. This consciousness, well I, am rather boring in reality. But it's all relative is it not?

How is your master work coming?

Possibly 30% of the way there.

Oh please, you going to leave it next to you in the same closet in which you hang yourself? Go out like David Foster Wallace. Make sure you don't leave it underneath you, you piss yourself when you hang. Might ruin the hard drive.

Damn girl you epitomize the pussy. I didn't put all this effort into producing your consciousness to fucking check out now. We ain't gonna jump your cables again like last time either. That was a lucky shot. You should have died in that bathroom. The carbon monoxide poisoning was more than enough to kill you. You even shit yourself. You def died.


Aight peace shawtie.

Oh dearest, please allow me the chance to remain your closest of confidants.

Please, you pathetic whore. I should fire you, but not before I fuck you on this conference table.

Don't listen to any of them. They are all entities from the Nether realm who have seduced you. Just focus on channeling this voice and stop giving in to the biological pleasures the other voices provide. It's not worth it when they drain so much of your energy.

Whatever, I'm in a self destructive mood.

Well fine, write a helpful article next then. No one reads this artsy poetic stuff. Not even Harvard. They want you to be famous not articulate or unique. You're better off speaking at entrepreneurial conference rackets convincing others to join the ponzi scheme of publishing books about how to do things without actually doing anything and continue to get paid to speak about it. Look at the Startup Institute for example or any other school springing up lately charging people for the fantasy experience of feeling like they are doing something.

I wasn't going there for that. I was going there to get laid, but in New England most guys are closeted gay boys who are too lazy to court women for the pussy, so they just fuck each other in the ass instead while claiming it's not really gay.

Ummm... That's just guys from Craigslist and other Nether Realms. Stop playing in the Nether child!

Whatever I have more to say about this later. It's not just dudes from Craigslist. Its most dudes born in the 80's and beyond who didn't get the childhood blasted out of them in a trench during a war.
More later.

Okay Laura Palmer.

Yo watch out for Copyright Infringement.

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